Daytz is a permanent calendar that associates a text note with any day. From TurboZen, written by David Phillip Oster.

You never have to save in Daytz: everything is already saved, just the way you see.

More information about Daytz is available using the Help command on Daytz's Help menu.

Daytz is the descendent of my earlier programs: Cal 3.05, and Calendar 2.2.

Daytz, for OS X 10.7 and later. (Tested in OS X 10.9)

Getting Started:


First make a folder where Daytz will store its information. I use a folder named "Diary" in my Documents folder.

Use Daytz’s Open command, on the File menu, to tell it where to store its information.

Daytz will remember, and use that folder from now on.





Daytz 2.1.7 Clicking here will download Daytz. (277 KB).


  (184 KB).   



  The Daytz Frequently Asked Questions page.

Version History:

  The Daytz Version History page.

The current version is 2.1.7.

It is a Universal app: both Apple Silicon and x86_64. It is code signed and notarized by Apple. I've tested it on macOS 11.13 (High Sierra), macOS11 (Big Sur), and macOS 12 (Monterey).

It never sends data back to me.

last updated: 12/02/2021