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Daytz is a funny name. Why'd you pick it?


TurboZen generally names its products with a "TZ" suffix, but with a name that gives you some idea of what that product does. For example, I am planning a drawing program named "Plotz".


Where is the Save command?

The text you type into Daytz is saved when you leave the current day or quit Daytz. Daytz, like the old Macintosh program Hypercard, doesn't need a separate Save command. If you want to see where your text is stored, -click on the titlebar, and you'll get a popup menu showing you the file path to the root of your Daytz diary tree of years, momths, and days.


What is the most amount of text I can put on one day?

A few megabytes. Daytz uses Apple's' Text Edit engine, and that is limited only by disk space. See also the answer to the question on Fonts.


What does "drag & drop aware" mean?

Once you've selected some text in Daytz, you can click and hold and drag it to another spot on the same day, or to a different program. A common thing to do is drag ti to the desktop, where it becomes a "Clippings File". At some later time, you can drag the "Clippings File" back to Daytz or some other program.


What does "services menu aware" mean?

On the menu bar, next to the menu, is the Daytz menu. On the Daytz menu is a hierarchical menu named "Services". If you select some text in Daytz, then pull down the "Services" menu, you'll see that some of the choices on it are enabled.


What does "contextual menu extension aware" mean?

Contextual Menu Extensions were a feature of OS X. Not present in modern OS X.


What does "global find aware" mean?

Under OS X, when you type search text into a Find dialog, many programs share that search text. If you do a "Find" in Safari or Stickies, then move to Daytz and do a "Find", you'll see that Daytz has pre-loaded the Find Dialog Box with your search text. Note that your previous searches are saved in chronological order in the Find Dialog Box's Search Text's popup menu.


What about multiple fonts, sizes, styles, and other languages?

Daytz has been rewritten to use Apple's NSTextView, which supports all of these things, and removes the 30000 character limit on text.


What about appleScript support?

Daytz will eventually be scriptable, and further in the future it will be recordable.


What about synchronizing with iCal, iSync, PDAs, iPods, etc.?

Daytz probably won't. It's really for a different way of dealing with data over time.

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last updated: 9/07/2014