Hmm. Looking at these I see they are mostly for Macintosh OS 9. My OS X work is generally freeware, with source code, so it is in the source code section of this website.

AnyPia - is an OS X and OS 9 version of the Social Security Benefit Calculator,

This version is a straight conversion of the official OS 9 version. That means it does not yet incorporate the windows changes.

Back in 2005, the United States Social Security Administration said that they weren't going to support Mac users because it would be too expensive to convert their tool. So I did it for them.

Daytz - is a permanent calendar that associates a text note with any day.

Eject! - A simple application, for Classic Macintosh O.S., that opens the CD drawer. This is for users of newer Macs, which require a software signal to open the CD drawer to use older keyboards that don't have an Eject key. Just use the Keyboards control panel to bind Eject! to an unused function key like F15. If you have Apple's "Eject Extras", then you don't need this. 4 (Free, Open Source: the C++ source code can be downloaded from the Eject! page.)

osasubr - an OS X command line command, that lets you run an appleScript subroutine, passing it arguments. Apple's "osascript" lets you run appleScript, but not pass it arguments. osasubr is very useful if you are doing quality assurance of macintosh programs, and want to run them from automatically, from test scripts. (Free, Open Source: the C++ source code can be downloaded from the osasubr page.)

yEnc TZ - A droplet, for Macintosh O.S. 7, 8, 9 and X, that decodes yEnc encoded files. This is for usenet newsgroup users who want to decode files encoded with the new yEnc format. MT-Newswatcher 3.2 lets you download the files, but to decode them you need to use a helper program like this one. Or, you can just drop yEnc encoded files on yEnc TZ. (Free, Open Source: the C++ source code can be downloaded from the yEnc TZ page.)

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