Weight Diary

Download WeightDiary - A program for tracking your weight. A companion for John Walker's The Hacker's Diet. [131KB]

Weight Diary Source Code

Download Weight Diary Source Code [152KB]


"Why?", you ask. I wrote this because my previous spreadsheet required a few extra clicks to open it, scroll it to the right place, enter the data, go up to the graph, and edit the graph to include the new day's entry.

Reusable pieces - If you need a simple graphing package is graphing a few arrays of y = f(x), this might serve.

1.0.1 - Now this program is Applescriptable. Menu bar cleanup.

1.0.2 - Now with a Preference to launch itself each morning before you get up.

1.0.3 - Now with a validating number formatter, to skip non-digit chars entered by mistake in the weight field.

1.0.4 - Fixes a bug that causes new untitled documents to fail to be created when run for the first time on a new Mac.

Xcode 3.1. Apache license.

Compatibility: Macintosh OS X 10.4 or later. Macintosh Intel or PowerPC. tested on 10.5 and 10.6.

Other Source Code by David Phillip Oster

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