Download Blink - Big animated Halloween eyes. [32 KB]

Blink Source Code

Download Blink Source Code [36 KB]

For Halloween, I point my monitors out the window in a dark room, and get cheesy animated blinking eyes.

The end user can set the eye color.

⌘Q to quit

For a programmer, the interesting things here are:

Version 1.0 - initial release

Version 1.0.1 - Intel Compatibility

Version 1.0.2 - 10.4 Compatibility

Version 1.0.3 - Prevent System Sleep or Screensaver. Source code can also be compiled on 10.6

Xcode 3.1. or Xcode 3.2. Apache license.

Compatibility: Macintosh OS X 10.4 or later. Macintosh Intel or PowerPC.

Other Source Code by David Phillip Oster

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