Anypia - a OS X native implementation of the social security benefit calculator at

About Anypia (Version 1.00)

This is a simple, port to OS X of the 68K benefit calculator on the above web site. It does not incorporate the latest changes to the Windows version. This Carbon port runs under OS X or OS 9. I've tested it on OS X 10.3.9

This program replaces the official release on that site, which runs under the Classic emulation.

One advantage of my version is that it uses the OS X printer drivers. Many modern Macs can't print from Classic.

My work on this program is hereby placed in the public domain. C++ source included.

Version 1.0

David Phillip Oster



April 2005

Download the compiled Anypia program [564 K]

Download C++ Source Code [208 K] To compile it, you'll need to download oactobjs.sea from, unpack oactobjs.sea, and put the resulting oactobjs folder next to the anypiamacprojOSX folder (the folder that contains this file).

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