Download from Google Books

The Problem

You see a reference to an old book on the web. The link takes you to Google Books. There's no obvious way to download the book as a PDF of photos of the pages. A Google search for instructions leads you to this page.

How To

Using a desktop computer, not a tablet, here's the secret:

Hover the mouse cursor over the red 'Read eBook' button to get a popup panel of more options.

Using the popup, you can get to buttons that will let you download the book. Obvious once you know. Completely opaque, if you don't.


But, downloading old books from Google Books is probably not what you really want. Always check Project Gutenberg to see if it has a clean, proofread, copy of the book, first.

I wasted time getting to compile in the current version of Xcode before I stumbled on the secret of the Google Books 'Read eBook' button.